The Bible – Comments Former-LDS and Author, Latayne Scott, “The Mormon Mirage,” p. 104

“Can we depend upon the Bible of our Christian heritage? Common sense alone tells us that God would not leave humankind with an unreliable guide upon which to base both our faith and our judgment of future revelations, should there be any. A just storekeeper would not punish his clerks for selling underweight produce when he himself had provided them with an inaccurate set of scales.

In the same way, our God is just and wise; he has not left us without inspired Scripture to teach us doctrine, to rebuke and correct us, and to teach us righteousness unto perfection (2 Tim. 3:16-17). We cannot blame the religious conflicts of the world on God’s Word, but on the conflicts that exist within the darkened heart of man. Nowhere in the Bible is the reader told to verify its teachings by their own feelings.

God’s Word doesn’t have to prove itself to anyone–it is inherently true. It is not the cloth to be measured– it is the unerring, finely wrought yardstick of truth itself.”