Welcome to Any General Authority Who Will Answer Our Questions

LDS leaders, known as General Authorities, are welcome to register to be guests at Concerned Christians’ Discussion Board. The General Authorities include the LDS First Presidency, the LDS 12 Apostles and the Quorum of the Seventy. They are the only ones with the official authority to speak on behalf of the truth regarding matters of Joseph Smith, LDS history, teachings and doctrines. genauth3

In the early days of Mormonism, the Mormon missionaries were actually the authorized leaders of the Mormon religion, rather than boys and girls in their late teens and early twenties. Those early leaders were the official apologists. This marks my attempt to return to those days when the leaders had the answers and did the talking, and wouldn’t shy away from a healthy debate.

Today, none of the boys and girls are authorized apologists, beyond the “Discussions” they are sent out to present. They are expected to pretty-much stick to the authorized script. If an “investigator” does not soon agree to pray about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith or the Mormon religion, the discussions are ended. That appears to be a part of the authorized script.

I have yet to find an LDS apologist/author who officially speaks for the LDS religion, but always includes a disclaimer that he/she does NOT speak for the Mormon religion. They talk a lot, but with no official authority or capacity to do so. They are speculators, at best. That is why they are not invited to these discussions.

Lay members, who go from Christian Discussion Board to Christian Discussion Board to merely stir the pot, but who have no desire to get to the biblical truth, I call “circuit Mormons.” They, also, are not welcome to these discussions. I have had enough debates with them over the years to know that they do not love the truth. They, like the LDS apologists/authors, prefer to blur lines, muddy the discussion waters, gray anything black and white, speculate about and confuse any issue that threatens their beliefs in Joseph Smith, their “church” and their Book of Mormon.

While I would be surprised if any of the General Authorities would bother, the invitation is open. By giving this invitation, we are taking the invitation from the Mormon religion to “go to the source.” Only, we are inviting “the source” to come here to discuss and debate any and all of the issues which separate Mormonism and biblical Christianity.

Again, only those leaders who have the official authority to speak for the LDS religion should bother to register.

Rest assured that rules of civil debate will be observed and expected from all participants from either side of the divide.