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Our Most Popular Book: Witness to Mormons

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Here is some of our downloadable content:

Quick Reference to differences between the real Jesus and the LDS version The Real Jesus or the LDS Version

"Map" of Mormon Heaven CC-Mormon-view-of-Heaven-handout-copy

Instructions of writing your exit letter out of the LDS church Exit-Letter-Instructions

A comparison of salvation in Christianity vs. 'salvation' in Mormonism Salvation-Comparison

The Reliability of the Bible and a pdf highlighting the reliability of the New Testament Reliability-of-the-Bible Reliability-of-the-N.T.-Text

How to deal with feelings when approaching faith from a Mormon worldview Dealings-with-Feelings

Evangelism Tracts for Personal Use

17 Little Know Facts about Mormonism 17 Facts about Mormons

Does the Bible predict the Book of Mormon Does Bible predict the BoM?

Why the Mormon 'Testimony' isn't really a testimony The Mormon Testimony

Basic LDS Teachings Checklist (Our most popular interactive tract) Basic LDS Teachings

The Mormon Temple and its Evolution The Mormon Temple

The Disturbing Mormon View of African Americans Mormons History with Black People

The Mormon $3 bill and additional facts The Mormon $3 bill

Simple Comparisons of Mormon Theology and Practice Mormon Comparisons

Guidelines when Witnessing to Mormons Witnessing Guidelines

Is Mormonism really a Cult? Mormonism: Christian or Cult?

Below is a list of some of the best links on the web that cover everything from Mormonism to Biblical Christianity.

Sites On Mormonism

Christian Apologetics

Christian Family

Bible Teaching

Bible Translations Online

Bible Study Tools

Bible Commentaries Online (www.christiansunite.com)

Christian History (www.christiansunite.com)

Mormon-only Scriptures

Mormon Study Tools

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