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MAY 2023


I am pleased to introduce one of our Board members as the guest writer this month. Paulette Carpenito is sharing some of her life experience and interconnection with the Latter-day Saint Corporation.She has been working with Concerned Christians at various times since 1982. She and her husband David have been active Board members since January 2019. She is the Board Secretary and co-publisher of the monthly newsletter. David is the official accountant for the ministry finances. This couple has worked tirelessly for Concerned Christians. Prayer is an active part of this ministry. Paulette is a real prayer warrior.

Gary Keating         
General Manager

It was a lifetime ago…It was the early 1970s. I had my first personal dealings with Mormon Missionaries. My sister-in-law, a member of the LDS Church, sent the missionaries to visit her brother. He told them they could speak with me if I wanted. I agreed. I was fascinated by the flip charts and all the Bible verses they used. I was raised Roman Catholic and knew just enough scripture to question the lessons. They explained to me if I would just pray with them, I would feel in my chest a deep warm feeling right away – and I would know what they had spoken was true. I did pray and I wondered why no one had ever told me this before. I shared with the missionaries, I felt nothing. “That’s okay,” they assured me, “It would come in time.” A gnawing feeling inside me spoke, “But you said I would feel it now!” I decided they had misrepresented the group to me to get me to join their church. I reasoned if they had done that to me about what else had they misrepresented? I told them I didn’t want to continue with the lessons and I showed them to the door. I asked them not to return. I believe the Holy Spirit had protected me. God had another plan for my life.
Ten years later, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I studied my Bible all the time. I wanted to learn all that I could. I have been active with a Bible-focused church ever since. I wanted everyone to know my Jesus. I truly felt called to share with Mormons. I thought if I just told them the truth about the biblical Jesus from God’s Word, they would leave it all behind. 
Soon, I became involved with a group who walked and prayed near the Mesa LDS Temple grounds. I decided I needed to know all I could about what the LDS taught its members. It was at this time, I became acquainted with Concerned Christians, the ministry of Jim and Judy Robertson. I knew I just had to meet them. I heard they were speaking at a local church and I went there to meet them. I got to know Judy Robertson personally, our ministry co-founder who is an excellent writer. I highly recommend any and all of her books. The Cross Newsletter was an effective part of my growth and education in witnessing to the LDS people. 
Between working and raising three children, I stayed very active with my church teaching Bible Studies and Interfaith Witness Classes. I eagerly visited with the missionaries who came to my door. Most came back for at least a few visits. As I neared retirement, the ministry began an evening prayer group and I became a part of it. I am very grateful that God continues to use me in this ministry.  

Paulette Carpenito

We at Concerned Christians meet every MONDAY evening for an hour of prayer at 6:30 p.m. If you are not local, please set that time aside to  voice your concerns from your prayer space. If you are local and would like to attend, we ask you to call 480-833-2537 for directions. We truly look forward to meeting and praying with you in the War Room. We ask that you add  Concerned Christians to your prayer list along with any other Mormon witnessing group you are familiar. The importance of intercessory prayer cannot be stressed enough. We have seen God grant many blessings to us over the years. If you have a ministry related request please send us a short email.    [email protected] 
 “We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.”    
 I Thessalonians 1:2  

We pray for opportunities to speak with Christians because we firmly believe “It is easier to keep them out than to get them out.”

If you would be interested in sharing your testimony of being delivered from the LDS Corporation into the family of the triune God, please send it to [email protected]. Please include contact information.

Staying in the Word is the best way to stay sharp. After all it is called the Sword of the Spirit. You will be able to “rightly divide the word of truth” 2Tim. 2:15. The Spirit will alert you when you hear things that are not accurate Scripture. The more often you read the sharper you will be. Set aside time daily to OPEN and READ your Bible.Sometimes we think we are too busy to make the time to read the Word and to pray. The reality is we are far too busy not to.
Paulette Carpenito

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