Resurrection Sunday





Most of us have become somewhat computer-savvy. When faced with a question such as this, we immediately go to our quickest source, GOOGLE. So, what does Google have to tell us? Do the search yourself. I am offering you my estimation of their best answer.

Is Easter a pagan celebration?

Well, it turns out Easter began as a pagan festival celebrating Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, long before the advent of Christianity. Following the advent of Christianity, the Easter period became associated with the resurrection of Christ.

There you have it, a definition or description on the origination of Easter. It is secular. It is pagan. But somehow it has been adopted into our culture as the word describing this season.

When the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus came to pass in the early A.D. – 30’s it did not take long for the term, Easter, to become part of the name of this season. You have observed that the Easter celebration moves around in its monthly location. It happens during either March or April. This season of time is dated from the Jewish calendar. In the Jewish culture it is dated according to the Passover season, celebrating the Exodus of the Hebrew nation from Egyptian bondage.

Christian history surrounding the Passion of Jesus, His death and resurrection, is intimately tied to the Passover. Jesus fulfilled all Messianic prophecy from the Old Testament. If He had not, He would not have been the promised Messiah. He would not be God’s Son. The promise of life after earthly death would be but a myth.

So, I ask again, WHAT IS IN A NAME? Here is my personal take on the subject.

Years ago, in my life there was a highly intelligent and studied pastor who made a strong case. He put forth that this season should be called RESURRECTION

SUNDAY, but not EASTER. I pondered this and did my own research. The roots of our faith exist in the Old Testament. It is a flowing historical account leading to Jesus’ appearance approximately 2000 years ago. Jesus’ appearance in history is related to the timeline of the previous Biblical history. It has no connection to secular or pagan roots.

You may do as you wish, but for me and my household, we call it RESURRECTION SUNDAY and not EASTER. Many of our Christian friends also do this. Names have history that should be considered.



The name ‘JESUS’ is not the same when you compare Biblical teaching and Mormon thought.

The Bible describes Jesus as God’s Son who experienced the Passion event, was resurrected according to prophecy, and paid the total,100% price for our salvation.

The LDS theology describes Jesus as one of God’s offspring who partially paid for your sin. His sacrifice is conditional and coupled to other actions one must perform in the man-made theological structure of the LDS Corporation.

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Remember, names do have history and meaning. Enjoy your Resurrection Sunday. Gary Keating